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Facade brick partition wall.


Another botched more.

Material: Selitac 5mm and 2mm. 1mm balsa wood. ____________________________________________ Before cutting the piece is drawn and shaped.
On the windowsill, it has been Selitac 2mm.
STEP 1: Paint amongst bricks, too watery.
STEP 2: With the index finger wrapped in a cloth, paint the brick. By dipping the cloth in the paint must be downloaded the excess, this technique could be called a dry cloth.
This whole process (from STEP 1) has to be fast. Put the white pigment amongst the bricks. The pigment is fixed with the wet paint.
This is how it looks once you have removed the excess pigment from the surface.
Return to step 2. Lightly loaded with paint. This is the look.
Cut and carved balsa wood as I said in basteltipps "Concrete End Stops." Paste the back with masking tape to better handle the piece.
This was the end of work, but wanted more. Add columns and beams. This is how I did.
Details made ​​from cardboard, screws photoengraving. You can use also sewing pinheads.
The roof of Uralita is a piece of corrugated cardboard from a box of chocolates.