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von: jmanugo
Mitglied seit: 07.01.2011
eingestellte Projekte: 26
Einstelldatum: 17.04.2011
Größe: 35 cm x 7 cm
Höhe: 0 cm
Version 1.0
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BR 52 Part 4. Tender the end

Beschreibung/Bemerkungen zum Projekt

Tender has given to many problems, the 1:35 scale me is so great that it is difficult to handle. I hope that the Locomotive is not complicated so much. Another problem has been the one of painting. When not having airbrush I have used painting in spray of the Tamiya mark, in this satin black case. Once it has been painted with this painting does not admit slid with pigments, these are incapable to pay attention and I have used all type of locking devices; from that it recommends the mark, until the alcohol and the locking devices of charcoal and paintings of pie. I do not know of which this made the painting of Tamiya, if it contains silicones or no, but in the satin black, and spray, is impossible, or am incapable, to fix another type of pigment; there am pickling tending 3 times I have put him primer and returned to paint and nothing. Only that pays attention a little is the pie paintings, but I doubt it; somebody sneezes and ..... good bye pigments good bye. I am thinking about acquiring tender “Wannentender (2 ‘ 2 ‘ 32 Vanderbilt) of resin of mark CMK”. Much more appropriate for this locomotive, but the price triples kit. It can seem that I am of joke but whenever Tender is taken to change it of place, I must go with a brush of maquillaje in the mouth. All the pigments or pies remain in the fingers and I must walk with the brush altering. Last the four photos with direct light of the sun, after 5 minutes of adjustment.

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Plastic and brass. Paintings: spray Tamiya, pigments and paintings of pie.
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