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von: Reinhold
Mitglied seit: 07.07.2015
eingestellte Projekte: 72
Einstelldatum: 07.09.2015
Größe: 8 cm x 2 cm
Höhe: 8 cm
Version 1.0
3031 x angesehen
  • Fantasy
  • Witziges
Diorama Maßstäbe:
  • 1:87 (H0)

Pastoral Poems in H0 – Pigs

Beschreibung/Bemerkungen zum Projekt

This is a diorama that includes a poem about pigs. Some years ago, I created eight pastoral poems, which are actually poems, limericks, songs, a mantra and even a prayer. Each is dedicated to one of the major livestock species in New Zealand. For each poem, I have created a diorama in 1/87 scale. These are real H-Zero Artworks. Here is the Piggy Poem for you to enjoy. The Mad Butcher is actually a butcher’s shop chain in New Zealand. There are about 500,000 farmed pigs in the country. I have also published these pastoral poems, including the photos shown here, as a book “Pastoral Poems in HO” – ISBN 978-0-473-32310-3.

Projekt erbaut mit folgendem Material/Baubeschreibung

Picture frame (21cm x 21cm x 5cm), figures from Preiser and Noch, grass, acrylic paint, and the usual modeling equipment.
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