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von: jmanugo
Mitglied seit: 07.01.2011
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Einstelldatum: 14.03.2011
Größe: 35 cm x 7 cm
Höhe: 0 cm
Version 1.0
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Trumpeter BR 52 Part 2

Beschreibung/Bemerkungen zum Projekt

Base finished. After this work so repetitive, I'm happy with the result. The steam locomotive will fit on that basis. Next mission: the tender.

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Plastic and brass. For these shades of color I used Tamiya spray paints: Matte Black and silver. Pastels, red oxide, gray, black, white and brown. The brightness of the rail is achieved by polishing the silver paint job with a buff wheel in the Dremel. The pastels are dissolved in isopropyl alcohol.
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