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5th mymocom cup starts on 15 October 2013
Credit where credit is due! Become mymocom ambassador!
Now it is time again: The greatest internet model community for dioramas and model landscapes starts a new competition..

Dear mymocom members, diorama builders and modellers,

Autumn has come, the season for modellers, diorama builders, model railroaders and all hobbyists who bubble over with creativity and cannot keep away from glue, modelling compound, plywood, scatter material, grass fibres, cartons etc.

If you are also one of those who bubble over with creativity, just take part as a competitor and register now for the 5th mymocom cup.

How to take part?

This year we have thought of something very special for you! The task of the competition is to build a diorama on a given base. You can choose between two sizes:

1.  diorama size: 80 x 40 cm
2.  diorama size: 40 x 20 cm

There is no special theme dictated for the diorama. It is your decision what you want to build on this base. The only condition is that you build a completely new diorama. It is not enough to take a ready diorama that you have already presented at mymocom and to register it for the mymocom cup. The members of the mymocom community will keep an eye on it.

Credit where credit is due - the best modeller will be ambassador for mymocom!

Look forward to it - as your diorama could get the attention that it is worthy of! It may be your diorama that will be presented on a special exhibition place at all popular German modelling shows where NOCH will take part in the exhibitions e. g. Intermodellbau Dortmund, model-hobby-games in Leipzig and International Model Rail Exhibition in Cologne. At all these shows there will be a special place at the NOCH booth especially created for the winner - possibly your diorama.

Of course that is not all! Additionally the winner will be presented in the 2015 NOCH Catalogue thus becoming the worldwide represenative for the mymocom community .

Well - are you interested and motivated?
Then give free rein to your creativity, build a diorama on a given base and register it for the cup. The slogan of this year's cup is "Your for mymocom".

Show the community what you are made of! We look forward to your registration and your contribution to the cup.

1. Prize
mymocom ambassador for 1 year, 200 € NOCH modelling voucher, worldwide presentation in the 2015 NOCH Catalogue and an invitation to the exhibition Intermodellbau Dortmund including an overnight stay in the exhibition Hotel for 2 persons.

You and your diorama - mymocom ambassador for 1 year.
  • The winning diorama will go with the NOCH team to all great model hobby exhibitions in Germany like
    Intermodellbau in Dortmund, models-hobbies-games in Leipzig and International Model Rail Exhibition in Cologne. The diorama will get an especially created own exhibition place.
  • Additionally the winner will be presented in the 2015 NOCH Catalogue and will be the global representative of mymocom.
  • On top the winner will get a shopping voucher for NOCH products to a value of 200 EUR.

You just can't buy this prize and this award anywhere - you can only win them at mymocom!

Additionally we will invite the winner to the presentation ceremony at the model building exhibition Intermodellbau in Dortmund on Saturday, 12th  April 2014. As we did it last year we will use this exhibition and the stage of the MOBA (German Model Railroad Association) to elect perhaps you and your diorama as winner. This invitation will include free tickets for the exhibition and an overnight stay in the Exhibition Hotel in a double room for 2 persons.

Don't lose time and start to plan and to build today!

You see: It is worth participating in the 5th mymocom cup. So just start, register and win!

Even if you will not win the 1st prize - it is worth registering in any case!
  • 2nd & 3rd prize:  a shopping voucher for NOCH products to a value of 150 EUR

  • 4th & 5th prize:  a shopping voucher for NOCH products to a value of 75 EUR

Pay attention Juniors!

In order to guarantee a fair competition there are two age groups of competitors:

- children and young persons up to 16 years
- 17 years and older

The prizes will be awarded in both age groups separately. However there will be only one mymocom ambassador - the winner in the age group "17 years and older". But both winners of the 1st prize will be presented in the 2015 NOCH Catalogue.

The rules:
  • Fairplay!!! Please treat other competitors like you want to be treated.
  • Projects that have participated in a past mymocom cup or that have already been presented at mymocom are not allowed to be registered for this cup. They are disqualified and marked by us.
  • There are no restrictions concerning the theme. Each type of diorama or model railway layout may be registered. Only the maximum size of the diorama must be observed.
  • For fairness reasons each competitor may register only ONE project for the cup.
  • Each registered project will get the cup logo as sign for the registration.
  • Registered projects with the cup logo cannot be changed!
  • As all competitors must register a new project, everybody starts with a "clean slate" and no reviews. Each competitor may review a registered project only once.
  • The winners will be determined by the community and a mymocom jury.
  • When the deadline of the cup has passed, the winners will be announced at the exhibition Intermodellbau 2014 in Dortmund an on the internet at  mymocom.com .
  • The deadline of the cup is the 14th March 2014 at 12 o'clock midday !
How to register 
  • Starto login or account
  • Register your project
    In order to register your diorama for the cup go to "my projects" in your account. Here you can upload your project with the function "create cup project".

    As soon as you have uploaded, reworked and finished your project, it is nominated for the cup.  
    From this time on your nominated project cannot reworked nor cancelled until the deadline of 14th March 2014. 

We would be happy if you would participate in the 5th mymocom cup. Just register now.

Good luck!

Your mymocom-team