Take your layout out of the cellar - present it on the net!

Here modellers will find like-minded people! Mymocom is a completely new online modelling community. Here you can exchange ideas with others and showcase model railways or dioramas on the net which can then be discussed by other members. Which tips and tricks do the other members know? How do they like your project? Exchange your ideas, discuss and develop yourself and your skills further!  Register for free now!

The first steps

How to registrate:

Click on the homepage at , fill in the mandatory fields marked with stars,  accept the General Terms and Conditions (AGB's) and click at registration. 
Then you will receive an email where you have to confirm the registration. A second email will inform you about your user data. Now you just have to go to the homepage again and login with your email address and your password.

How to edit your profile:

In the second step you can edit your profile. At "My data" you can make regulations for messages and upload an avatar (a picture that will represent you in the community). 

At the subordinated point  „My mymocom profile“ you can edit additional details about your interest profile in order to make it easier to find like-minded people among the mymocom members. 

How to create a project:

Now it will be exciting! At  „My projects“ you can determine whether your project is a model railway or a diorama. Here you can manage the projects that you have presented, work on them or delete them. If you want to create a new project just click at "Create a new project".

You can present as many projects as you want. If you want to present a new version of a project, because for example some details have changed, please select the point "Create version" in the project list for the corresponding project. First the project basic data will be saved, then you can add pictures and videos to the project. 
You can present up to 10 pictures with your project. In order to avoid long loading times the pictures should not exceed 800x600 pixels and the file should not exceed 150 KB. 

Additionally you have the possibility to present videos. Just make a copy of the direct link to your video portal to present a video with your project. The following formats will be supported: Youtube, MyVideo, Hulu, Vimeo, Myspace Video, CBS, ESPN, Yahoo Video, The Onion, Metacafe, Funny or die, Megavideo, DailyMotion, Blib TV, Break, Spike, Imeem.

Exchange your ideas, discuss, vote and develop yourself further:

Only if you are a member you have the possibility to vote on other projects, make comments and to communicate with other members.  

In your account you have "My messages" with "your incoming emails" and "emails that you've sent" for this purpose.

What is the advantage of a membership?

Let yourself be inspired and do not "hide" your model building treasures in the cellar, in the attic or in the hobby room!  Upload your projects and put them up for discussion. Show your model layouts or dioramas to other modellers. Take part in discussions. Express praise or constructive criticism. Meet other modellers by public or private messages. No question will stay open! Receive useful tips and tricks about materials, tools and techniques. Register as member for free now!