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von: Juke
Mitglied seit: 18.11.2009
eingestellte Projekte: 3
Einstelldatum: 15.01.2011
Größe: 47 cm x 53 cm
Höhe: 0 cm
Version 1.0
8572 x angesehen
  • Gewässer
  • Historisch
  • Militär
Modellbahn Epochen:
  • II b (1930 - 1945)
Modellbahn Spurweiten:
  • H0

Trockendock Nordland (im bau)

Beschreibung/Bemerkungen zum Projekt

This is the second part for my new modelrailroad, I make it in parts to get it finished one day. It is a drydock by the North Sea in 1943-44. The big bridge crane is a Walthers kit, the long storagebuilding is made of three Auhagen kits, the lighthouse is made of Bauhaus sewerpipe by myself and is with functional blinking extrabright LED. The officebuilding is from Auhagen and the other buildings (not ready yet) by Artitec. The smaller crane is from Faller. The drydock itself is made from NOCH steinmauer and the docklocks scratch from Evergreen styrene sheet. Both U-boats are Wespe resinkits of typ II U-boot. U-24 is waiting to come to the drydock for inspection and painting, U-57 is soon to be finished, the last of the paintingjob and some other small things are still to be done. Schnellboot S-188 (not ready yet) is also a resinkit from Wespe. The schnellboot awaits for more torpedos (there is a torpedostorage inside the defensive wall near the office building. There is also a place for the FLAK 38 (not in pictures, a kit from Wespe) on top of the defensive wall. There is also a kit of Junkers F-13 by Roskopf, the pontons made from a Revell kit. The story behind that scene is, that the plane is sold to Columbia for a post/mail plane. It has been in service, the engine has been changed and the pontoons have been fixed and it is soon to be shipped over the sea from the nearby harbour (my next part of my modelrailroad) A typ VII u-boot will also come to the scene, it is a kit from Artitec. There is also a harbourtug from Artitec (not ready) and a schleppkahn by the kai. This part of my modelrailroad is still under construction and all the finishing job has also to be done. More pictures: http://johansiren.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Kuivatelakka/ und http://johansiren.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Kuivatelakka/Kuivatelakka%20Nordland%20V%202.0/?action=slideshow

Projekt erbaut mit folgendem Material/Baubeschreibung

Etschuldigung alles, mein Deutsch ist leider nicht so gut, ich müss in English schreiben...The structure is made on plywood, on that boards of 40 mm foam. Water will be made from acrylicmass and will be overcoated with supergloss boat varnish. The pavement is made from Faller 170825. The grassimitation is NOCH Wiese Sommer. The scene is still under heavy construction.
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